What does a business lawyer actually do?

This is an article by Todd Spodek, a top rated NYC Business Lawyer. Running a business can be complicated. We live in a high litigation friendly world – where companies jump at the chance of suing a competitor. The existing economic situations, has made it difficult for small and medium sized businesses to conduct business. There are pitfalls at every step. In addition, due to the upcoming election – there may be a drastic change in the tax code system – due to conflicting views amongst the various candidates. Obamacare, changed healthcare coverage for business owners as we know it.

All of this, and more, pose huge potential issues for business owners. The solution, is hiring a competent business lawyer, who can advise you on the specifics of what you need.

Below are some common scenarios where hiring a business lawyer would be helpful:

You need to protect your intellectual property: Trademarks, copyrights, and patents, are examples of intellectual property. An example of a trademark – is the name Apple. Imagine if a company hijacked it, and started using the name – pretending as if it were the actual Apple company? It would be a nightmare! If Apple didn’t have a trademark, though, they would have no recourse to those violating their mark. The is where a trademark lawyer (a type of business lawyer) would be helpful. Trademark attorneys can help you file a mark, and more importantly – help prevent anyone from violating or infringing upon it.

You need help with contracts: If you are offering an employment agreement, or if you’re buying or selling your business – you’ll need a contracts attorney who can advise you. The point of hiring the los angeles contracts lawyer is to not only help you protect you – but also to help you create a “rock solid” agreement, that enables you to settle future issues without having to go to court, due to specific clauses in the agreement.

You are new to business: If you’re opening a new business, you’ll probably need help formulating a new corporation. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a corporation in order to conduct business. You can simply hang your shingle. But, the issue is without a corporation – you can be sued, and have your personal assets at risk. You can hire a business attorney to help you form either an S corp or a C Corp. Both corps have their advantages and disadvantages. The one thing both do, is protect your personal assets from business liabilities.

You are being sued: If you’re being sued, for a service or product, or some other breach of contract, you’ll need a business lawyer to protect you. Because this is a civil argument, you have to provide your own attorney. Only in criminal cases is an attorney assigned to you, free of charge.

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