I feel fine should I still see a doctor after my automobile accident?

Automobile accidents are very serious incidents, and medical attention is almost always recommended. Unfortunately, a lot of car crash victims neglect the importance of seeing the doctor right away. Some dangerous symptoms may take days to surface in a noticeable fashion, and then it can be too late to avert permanent harm. Going to a hospital is the only way to be certain of good health after any substantial collision.

Shock and Numbness

Paralysis should always be a concern after an accident. Numbness might not feel like anything serious, but it might be a sign of lost sensation and mobility. Nerve damage can also inhibit movement, and the problems can be quickly exacerbated without medical care. In addition to physical detachment, it is also possible for a prospective patient to exhibit proof of psychological shock. This state of dissociation may halt the processing of physical injuries that need dire attention!

Physical Brain Damage

The pain receptors can be blunted, which prevents the nerves from transmitting any negative feelings. This may cause you to feel fine when you are actually at risk. For example, concussions may go undetected without professional help, and these dormant injuries can lead to death upon future impacts. Internal bleeding may also occur while the nerves are inactive. In worst case scenarios, hemorrhages and strokes may arise!

Neurological Disorders

The mind’s internal chemistry may lose its balance after being jarred by a collision. This kind of mental challenge shows up in a variety of forms. Most often, it manifests as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; however, cognitive impairments are also know to be possible. Some car crash victims develop lifelong ticks, and many others are plagued by anxious hypervigilance.

Spinal Afflictions

Chiropractic help may be the key to recovering from a bad wreck. The back is especially delicate, so treatments must be provided in a sensitive manner. Slipped discs can be devastating to one’s livelihood, especially since the debilitation is eventually accompanied by enormous suffering and medical fees. A dislocated spine impedes every motion in the entire body!

Lacerations and Bruises

All cuts should be treated no matter their size; otherwise, infections shall become a huge threat. If sickness settles in deep, the only hope may be limb amputation. Another reason to treat lacerations rapidly is that fast fixes will minimize the scar size. Also, bruises should not be ignored. Spots that are swollen may be concealing sprains and broken bones. Again, internal bleeding may be another major issue hidden underneath the skin!

Final Word

Don’t let false sensations of comfort deceive you into being irresponsible about your personal well-being! Symptoms do not need to be present for you to visit a clinic. It is not worth waiting for adverse reactions. Procrastination just gives more time for the problem to worsen. In this situation, let common sense override perceptions of being unscathed. It may take some humility, but checking with your M.D. can do tremendous good! If anything, this resource can compile all of the data you need to go ahead with a personal injury lawsuit!

This blog post was written by Joel Farar – a founding partner at Farar & Lewis LLP. If you are a victim of a car accident in Los Angeles, visit Joel’s website – Farar & Lewis LLP

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