How does being accused of a crime impact your immigration status

When the USA gives someone permission to reside here, the last thing want, or need, is that person to commit a crime. When you commit a crime, while on a temporary visa, or even a greencard, this could impact your immigration status. For example, possession of a 510 thread battery / CBD oil, can be grounds.

For example, say you have a green card – one of the requirements in order to get naturalized – is the fact you need to have not committed any crimes. If you are convicted of a crime, then this will endanger your ability to get naturalized as a citizen. In almost all cases, you will never be able to become a naturalized citizen. While you may be able to retain your green card, you will never become a US Citizen. If, and when, this happens – you’ll need not only the services of a Los Angeles immigration attorney, but also a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, who can help you. The immigration attorney will be necessary, for when it comes to filing your paperwork – and then advocating on your behalf with the Department of Homeland Security and the various parties involved in the immigration hearings. The criminal attorney you hire, will be necessary to defend you in criminal courts. It is the job of the criminal attorney who is hired, to absolve you of the crime committed. If he, or she, can get you vindicated, then you will probably have no issues – when it comes to your immigration status.

When it comes to other VISAS, besides Green Cards, they to follow similar rules. In the case of most visas, if you are convicted of a simple misdemeanor – it will probably not impact your immigration status too much. However, if you are convicted of a felony, and serve jail time, it is very likely that after you serve your jail time – you will be deported.

If you have a job, or a family in the USA – whose immigration status is dependent on yours, then this can be extremely problematic. As a result, in situations like this – it’s extremely important you hire a criminal attorney.┬áPeople who have a normal visa, are at greater risk than those who have a Green card, when it comes to suffering from negative consequences as a result of a crime. People who have a green card, have more much “freedom,” to commit a crime – and not have it impact their ability to remain in the USA, they can also get car leases. Even if you commit a crime, while on a green card, you won’t NECESSARILY get deported. However, if you are here on a VISA, your immigration status is greatly at risk.

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