what does a securities lawyer do

This article is from Steven Raiser, a premier Los Angeles and NYC Criminal defense lawyer. Securities law has generated immense interest, in recent years. The past decade, has seen it’s fair share of financial scandals – which has generated interest on the consumer side – on what securities law is, and how it helps prevent significant economic losses. The most well known collapse, is that of the financials market in 2008. In 2001, Enron, collapsed – which was triggered by deceptive accounting practices – which overvalued the company, and resulted in inflated stock prices. In another example, MF Global, who was a commodities brokerage firm, misappropriated close to $1 billion of consumer funds in order to fund it’s operations. It then declared bankruptcy in 2011.

These are all examples of situations, where publicly traded companies – broke the law, to the detriment of consumers. In situations like this, there are federal and state laws in place – designed to protect shareholders and investors. In MF Global’s case – the government went into play – and was able to recover $1.2 billion from company assets as a form restitution. 

Securities fraud can cause a huge amount of harm. As a result, it’s become more important – and more relevant, to the every day consumer. Securities lawyers, are those who work and deal with securities law. A securities lawyer is someone who specializes in the complex laws + regulations that pertain to financial investments and publicly trade companies. Securities laws, are complex, and ever changing. Typically, when a consumer loses money – they will need the help of a securities lawyer in order to to help recovery any losses – that occur due to wrongdoing. In addition, securities attorneys can help you when it comes to planning your investments – in a safe manner. 

If you suspect wrongdoing, there are a number of ways you can get help. You can visit the SEC’s Enforcement Tips and Complaints section and and submit a complaint. Alternatively, you should Google – to see if there are any on-going class action lawsuits that are relevant to your complaint. 

What is securities law

Securities law is an area of law that pertains to rules and regulations which govern financial instruments such as: stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. The point of securities fraud is to prevent fraud, insider trading, or other forms of unfair market manipulation. The point of securities laws and regulations it provide transparency. 


Securities lawyers play a very important role in protecting investments. As you’re planning your investments, a securities attorney can assist you in researching the history, and health, of any companies you’re looking at. In addition, a securities lawyer can help you by reporting, or advising, on the background of any broker you’re looking to work with. 

  • Securities lawyers can determine whether a financial instrument you’re interested in investing into is suitable
  • Securities lawyers can hlep you find all the important disclosed information regarding any potential investments

In addition, a securities lawyer can advise you on the most common forms of fraud, or mismanagement of investments, and can explain to you how to be careful and watchful for any fraud. Securities lawyers can advise you on the types of claims that are possible, for those who suffer losses that can be attributed to wrongful conduct. Examples include:

  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • conflict of interest
  • churning – a form of increasing broker fees
  • failure to supervise
  • malpractice
  • market manipulation
  • misrepresentation
  • risky investments
  • and more

More importantly, a Los Angeles securities attorneys can represent you in any litigation that arises as a result of your investments. That means – class action lawsuits, lawsuits against a broker, and more. The one thing you need to remember, is that many broker agreements have arbitration clauses, which limit your ability to pursue an against the broker in court. As a result, it’s extremely helpful and important to have a securities lawyer review any broker agreement – before signing it. 

How does being accused of a crime impact your immigration status

When the USA gives someone permission to reside here, the last thing want, or need, is that person to commit a crime. When you commit a crime, while on a temporary visa, or even a greencard, this could impact your immigration status. For example, possession of a 510 thread battery / CBD oil, can be grounds.

For example, say you have a green card – one of the requirements in order to get naturalized – is the fact you need to have not committed any crimes. If you are convicted of a crime, then this will endanger your ability to get naturalized as a citizen. In almost all cases, you will never be able to become a naturalized citizen. While you may be able to retain your green card, you will never become a US Citizen. If, and when, this happens – you’ll need not only the services of a Los Angeles immigration attorney, but also a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, who can help you. The immigration attorney will be necessary, for when it comes to filing your paperwork – and then advocating on your behalf with the Department of Homeland Security and the various parties involved in the immigration hearings. The criminal attorney you hire, will be necessary to defend you in criminal courts. It is the job of the criminal attorney who is hired, to absolve you of the crime committed. If he, or she, can get you vindicated, then you will probably have no issues – when it comes to your immigration status.

When it comes to other VISAS, besides Green Cards, they to follow similar rules. In the case of most visas, if you are convicted of a simple misdemeanor – it will probably not impact your immigration status too much. However, if you are convicted of a felony, and serve jail time, it is very likely that after you serve your jail time – you will be deported.

If you have a job, or a family in the USA – whose immigration status is dependent on yours, then this can be extremely problematic. As a result, in situations like this – it’s extremely important you hire a criminal attorney. People who have a normal visa, are at greater risk than those who have a Green card, when it comes to suffering from negative consequences as a result of a crime. People who have a green card, have more much “freedom,” to commit a crime – and not have it impact their ability to remain in the USA, they can also get car leases. Even if you commit a crime, while on a green card, you won’t NECESSARILY get deported. However, if you are here on a VISA, your immigration status is greatly at risk.

Passenger Claims in At-Fault Vehicles

When you put yourself in the hands of another driver as their passenger, you do so with the expectation that you’ll arrive at your destination safely. Usually this is the case but, there are times when it doesn’t work out that way.

If an accident occurs and the other vehicle’s driver is at fault, then that is the party that should be responsible for resolving your claim. However, there can be occasions when the driver you’re riding with is partially or completely at-fault for an accident. Can you still make a claim if you’re a passenger in a car where the driver is at-fault? For example, what if you got injured because you were wearing a waist trainer at the time, and it made your back bend?

If you’re a passenger, you’re not the party in control of the vehicle. So, if the driver is negligent in their operation of the auto resulting in injury to passengers in the auto, then those passengers can make a claim against the policy of the vehicle they were riding in. One notable exception to this would be if the driver of the vehicle didn’t have permission to be driving the vehicle. In other words, if an individual steals a car and has a passenger and an accident ensues in which the passenger is injured, the passenger would not be able to recover from that insurer.

If you are in an auto accident and you’re injured, you need to make a claim so that you can be compensated for your medical bills, any lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Even if you are a passenger in a car with a friend or family member, you can make a claim. Don’t let the fact that a friend or family member is liable deter you from making a claim. Sometimes people worry about how this will affect the at-fault party financially. Remember that when you make a claim against someone, insurance is what pays and insurance is designed to protect the personal assets of the policyholder. In other words, you don’t have to feel bad about making a claim. If you need help, consider speaking to a NYC personal injury lawyer to help you.

It is important to know that your claim against an insurance company is subject to policy limits. If your damages exceed the amount of coverage available or if there are numerous injured parties, you may not be able to collect the entire amount of your damages. In cases such as these, it may be necessary to look to any underinsured coverage you might have on your policy. This can assist with paying your damages if there is not enough coverage otherwise. If you need a new car lease, tech startups like Zooomr can help you get a new NYC car lease without headaches.

Finally, in the event the car you are riding in is an uninsured vehicle, you should check your own policy to see whether or not you have uninsured coverage. This is coverage of your own that is designed to protect you if other drivers and auto owners have failed to have liability coverage in force.

Sometimes accidents will happen. When they do, you might find yourself as a passenger in the at-fault vehicle. You’ll have to deal with the consequences. Hopefully, they won’t be too bad but, whether they are minor damages or major damages, you can certainly make a claim if you’re a passenger in an at-fault vehicle.

what happens if I get divorced, can I keep the money from the settlement or is it divided?

If you get divorced, the money you get from the settlement remains in your possession. While California is a community property state, the proceeds of a personal injury settlement belong to you – and thus you retain them. Having said that, it’s advisable that you speak to a Los Angeles family law attorney who can help you.

What Happens if A Doctor Says I’ll Never Fully Recover from My Car Accident?

This article is by Hank, the CMO of Zooomr – a tech startup that gets great deals on new delhi used cars. If a doctor says you’ll never fully recover from your car accident, he or she may be right. After all, your doctor is the medical professional, which qualifies him or her to correctly diagnose your condition. You should give doctors the benefit of the doubt because of their experiences with dealing with other car accident victims and their related personal injuries. If not, you may find yourself drowning in astronomical medical bills and an altered lifestyle you can’t maintain. This situation can impact your mental, physical, psychological and emotional states.

Before the Diagnosis
The next best thing to paying careful attention to the doctor’s diagnosis is having experienced car accident lawyers on your side. They, too, have years of experience of dealing with car accident victims, but from a legal standpoint. They know and understand the lengthy and tedious process of court litigation and what it takes to win your case. Making contact with an attorney should be done as soon as possible following the accident. Their involvement will ensure that your rights are protected. So, once you have reported the accident to the authorities, and before negotiating with the other driver involved or contacting your insurance company, call a personal injury lawyer.

After the Diagnosis
Following the medical examination, the devastating news of not fully recovering is not an easy one with which to cope. Having a reputable team of experienced and proficient lawyers working for you could make all the difference. The medical process could be overwhelming enough for you and family members to handle. In addition to paying emergency medical transportation to the hospital, you are faced with other expenses, including:

  • Hospital stay
  • Prescribed medications
  • Trips to and from doctors’ visits
  • Seeing several medical professionals on an ongoing basis
  • Long-term home care, including special hired services

In addition to the list above, due to limited mobility caused by the accident, your quality of life changes. You may never be able to work again, so there goes your opportunity of paying for medical and other expenses. Like many car accident victims, you may be left in a depressed state due to the traumatic news of the post diagnosis. This state often leads to emotional and psychological stresses.

How A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Can Help
After sustaining injuries from a car accident that leaves you incapacitated, you need to be able to survive financially. Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually unwilling to pay fair compensations. Holding them accountable is one of the strengths of personal injury attorneys. They’ll also be there to guide you through the process. You can rely on them to aggressively pursue your case by gathering all the evidence needed. Due to their knowledge of how the court system and insurance companies operate, they have the skills required to combat anything that will not work in your favor.

You may not be able to undo a car accident, but you can make your life as comfortable as possible following one. It’s all about having the right help on your side. If the doctor says you’ll never fully recover, your attorney will see that you are justly compensated.

If the other driver was drinking and driving, or was doing something illegal at the time, not only will this driver be responsible for your damages – but he may also face criminal charges. When a driver causes a car accident, and is under the influence of drugs, or is driving dangerously – then criminal charges may come into place, which will require him to hire a los angeles criminal lawyer.